Convert Your Fantasy Data into Spreadsheets!

If you are a fan of either the traditional or daily fantasy sports games, you are probably very knowledgeable about your favorite sport’s players. In order to choose well for the winning fantasy sports team, you must follow the stats regularly, both on real and fantasy sports websites.

Sports stats data is freely available on practically all of the most popular sports websites on the Internet, such as and The problem is that the data is often presented in PDF, a form that cannot be analyzed and manipulated easily, which is what you need when getting ready for fantasy draft day. In order to work with sport players’ information about their scores and injuries, you need a special kind of software for converting from non-editable into editable player data.

Investintech's Able2Extract PDF Converter solves your problems by allowing you to transfer this data from the Web in PDF to Excel spreadsheets. So, now you can manipulate the data to prepare for draft day or update your league stats as the season progresses.

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