Extracting Text From Your PDFs

Extracting Text the Old Way

If you've ever worked with PDF documents, you know that it can be both easy and difficult to extract information from PDF files. Sometimes it is easy to copy and paste, take snapshots and even manually retype any needed information. Yet, editing a PDF becomes nearly impossible when copying from the PDF isn't allowed, when the document is too long to retype or when a pasted section produces messy results.

Re-purposing the information within the PDF file will turn out to be a bigger task than you had first anticipated. This can be especially frustrating when all you need is the textual information.

Can a Text File Be the Only File Format You Need?

Sometimes extracting text from a PDF document can be your one primary goal and one in which images, hyperlinks and layout become redundant. Fortunately, you can extract the textual information and convert to a file format ideally suited for that aim: a text file.

A text file is one that contains readable characters, such as letters and punctuation, and essentially uses no formatting at all. And it may be the perfect format for you if you need that textual information for specific purposes.

Although the format may seem ancient in comparison to other dynamic formats out there, a text file has many uses.

For instance, text files are used within digital databases and content management systems. Also, the format is used for encoding HTML sources for web pages that are manipulated through the use of text editors.

It can also be a handy supplement for your everyday work, where you’d use the text file to write down quick notes, create simple lists, etc. By converting a PDF to Text, you can extract text for use in word processing applications, within PowerPoint presentations, and for publishing documents.

The main advantage of a text file is that its simplicity allows for a large range of programs to display the textual contents. Because a text file follows the ASCII standard, it can be easily rendered on different systems, such as Mac, MS Windows and Unix. As such, a text file is a good format for exchanging basic and essential information.

With the advanced capabilities of Investintech’s conversion products, converting your PDF information directly into a text file is easy.

Converting Your PDFs to Text Files with Able2Extract

Using our Able2Extract conversion software products, you can extract text and strip away all the logos, fonts, layouts and graphics that aren’t of any concern to you.

If you don't need all the text within the document, our software expands your control in the conversion process. There’s no need to bother with reformatting and deleting the converted content afterwards. All you have to do is open, highlight and convert only the textual information you need.

Our Convert to Text conversion command is also available in the Professional version of Able2Extract that includes Optical Character Recognition software. If you're converting scanned documents, the OCR technology included ensures that your PDF documents are accurately converted.

Or conversely, you can convert your text files into PDF files for presenting, emailing, and sharing over the Internet. Using Able2Extract PDF Converter, you can make your ordinary text files into dynamic PDFs by allowing bookmarks and attachments from source documents, adding security features, etc.

Whatever your conversion issues are, whether simple or complex, we have the software tools that can effectively help you out.