How Is a PDF Created?

The Portable Document Format is an indispensable tool in the corporate culture. Though it has its limitations, it is a file format of choice for storing and sending all sorts of electronic documents - from company newsletters and presentations, to legal contracts and financial reports. It goes without saying that familiarity with PDF creation processes is essential in today’s business environment.

PDF documents can either be electronically (they are called “native”), or they can be scanned PDFs.

Creating Native PDFs

There are two ways to create native PDFs: via a virtual print driver, or via PDF creation software. The first method involves PDF writing software that basically acts as printer drivers, and this type of PDF creation is called "printing PDFs". In other words, PDFs are created similarly to the way in which regular printed documents are created. The only difference is that the PDF is "printed" electronically, not physically, by using a PDF writer.

Thus, instead of choosing a printer as the intended destination for a file, to create PDF files you would choose the PDF writer driver. Once created and saved as a PDF file, it can then be publicly shared or sent to someone as an attachment.

Another way to create native PDFs is to use professional PDF creation software, such as Able2Extract. The tool’s intuitive interface allows users to create PDFs easily by clicking on the Create button in the Command Toolbar or using the File Menu options. Users should then locate the file they want to convert, double-click on it and then simply Save the file where they want.

Able2Extract PDF Creator provides additional PDF creation features that allow users to tweak their PDFs during the creation process. For instance, users can edit their document information (author, title, subject, etc.), password-protect the document, add different file permissions, and similar.

Scanning PDFs

Scanned PDFs are created using scanning software that captures an image of a paper document and turns it into an electronic, PDF file. This image-based document is different from the native, electronically created PDF in that it only contains an image of characters and other elements on the page. For that reason it is impossible to search the PDF for certain text or make any kind of edits to its content.

In order to edit scanned PDFs, one needs an advanced PDF conversion software that includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The professional version of Able2Extract comes equipped with OCR tools and can accommodate users who need to modify scanned PDFs.