Convert Your PowerPoint Files to PDF!

MS PowerPoint

As workflows are merging into electronic systems, interactive means of communicating ideas are also being converted into the digital. The old method of flip charts, cue cards and storyboards has become outdated and replaced by more advanced methods of presentation. For the growing digital world, MS PowerPoint has established itself as one of the most popular presentation methods, because of the software’s accessibility and flexibility. The MS proprietary presentation program provides the tools needed to create dynamic and more integrated presentations that users of any skill level can use.

Building a MS PowerPoint presentation is centred upon slide template construction where you add and customize elements to enhance the appearance of your presentation's text. There are a range of options to customize text, content animation, external graphical images, and it includes audio and video capabilities. You can even customize the timing of your presentation and your speech as the application has options for rehearsing and editing.

Yet, you can imagine that with all of these powerful features, the format might have some problems to support them adequately in different situations that we'll discuss. As a consequence, converting formats may be the best option.

PowerPoint Presentations to PDF

While MS PowerPoint allows you free reign with extra visual and audio effects, they may actually inflate the size of your presentation. Opening and working with your presentation may be slowed down and even wreck your overall delivery.

Another problem: you'll more than likely be presenting on another system different from the one on which you constructed your presentation, perhaps causing a totally different output from what you had planned. All your hard work at getting the appearance just right goes down the drain!

In order to avoid such hassles and ensure that your perfect presentation runs smoothly on any device, there’s a very simple solution: a conversion tool that converts PowerPoint presentations into stable, non-editable PDF documents. The non-editable nature of the Portable Document Format will ensure that all the elements of your stylish and carefully crafted presentation slides stay intact regardless of which computing device and OS they are viewed on.

Converting PowerPoint into PDF

Converting PowerPoint to PDF can soothe your presentation anxieties because with good PDF creation software, the converted presentation's information and appearance is faithfully rendered. Don't forget, the PDF's compression abilities will ensure quick processing so you can include all the graphics and flashy images you want.

In order for the conversion to go smoothly, you are advised to choose reliable software. Investintech’s Able2Extract is an example of a professional tool that not only creates quality PDFs from printable files, it can also secure created files by setting up passwords and file permissions for how you want others to use the PDF presentation.

Able2Extract PDF Converter allows you to convert PPT to PDF quickly, using different creation methods available - through the MS application, the printer driver method or using the graphical user interface.

Whichever method you’re most comfortable with, it will enable you to easily use the tool’s commands and add advanced settings to your PDF presentation. For example, you can limit the use of the file for certain operations, such as printing, copying, modifying, etc. Finally, if you need the reverse process - to convert PDF back to PowerPoint - Able2Extract also includes that option, as well as other popular conversions from PDF that you might need in your work.