Convert PDFs to BMP Files

As PDFs are getting more visually creative with the inclusion of images and logos, the extraction of images can also be a part of working with PDFs. For the most part, working with PDF graphics has become more demanding as imaging technology has included 3D and animation capabilities within the format. Yet, basic bitmap images still play a huge role in existing PDFs today.

The bitmap image is a raster image composed of a collection of dots that are arranged to form an image. It contains stored data for every pixel of colour, which makes the image difficult to manipulate and compress without some loss in quality to the image. Bitmaps are, thus, static, limited to RGB colour spaces, and usually large in file size. The bitmap image is used mainly for photos, scanned images and screen captures. You may have seen common file formats that are used for bitmap images, such as .JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG, and .BMP.

While most of the file formats above are openly supported by many applications, the .BMP (Bitmap) file itself is the graphics file format developed by Microsoft. This means that it's native to the ubiquitous Windows platform. It also means that it's limited in usage and circulation.

Images in the PDF format

With the complex nature of the bitmap image and the proprietary limitations of the .BMP file format, you may find yourself trying to extract existing quality PDF images in order to import and manipulate them within those platforms. Extracting bitmap images accurately from a PDF into a specific file format, such as .BMP, may prove to be just as complex as extracting text when using common shortcut methods.

Copying a bitmap image from the PDF into another image editing application is perhaps the first method that comes to mind when extracting images from a PDF. Yet, that method does not guarantee an accurate rendition when it comes to the image's integrity and resolution. Furthermore, security features for the PDF may exist that forbid against copying and pasting.

Another option is to open the entire PDF in another graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator, and extract the images there. However, having such a specialized image editing program is not common, nor would the extraction of a single image be an incentive to purchase one.

Converting a PDF to a Word document and then cutting and pasting to create a lone image file might be another solution. This two-step conversion of creating an image file, however, takes one extra step that also takes up valuable time.

Extracting PDF Images to the .BMP format

With Able2Extract PDF Converter, you can make a straightforward, one-step extraction of those PDF bitmap graphics into a .BMP file.

A bitmap can be of good quality, but because of its composition , it is resolution dependent and thus, incapable of being rescaled. Getting an image extracted with the exact same quality seen within the PDF is possible. The latest version of our flagship product provides you with the ability to designate the target image size, or DPI resolution. This means that you can extract those images specifically for the .BMP file format and select the settings that best suit the image.

In addition, bitmap images are compressed at a specific resolution when the PDF is created. This ensures the best viewing quality for the image that matches the textual content. To help separate resolution matched images and text, Able2Extract contains the same trademark feature allowing you to select and convert only the image that you need directly into the format that you need.

With new enhanced features with every software’s version, Able2Extract gives you even more control over that PDF content and the conversion results you want. Convert PDF to BMP and save time with Able2Extract!