Compare and Analyze Supplier and Competitor Price Lists

Price lists for products, supplies and merchandise are often released in PDF. The Portable Document Format is the most obvious choice for this type of information because such documents are commonly distributed via email or uploaded to business websites. The nature of PDF and its advantages make it an extremely convenient format for publishing price lists and similar resource materials. However, businesses and organizations considering possible vendors and partners or analyzing competitors will likely need to export various pricing lists into a software application for processing and analyzing numerical data, such as Microsoft Excel. Oftentimes, the challenge in analyzing this sort of data is getting the prices into an Excel spreadsheet to conduct pricing analysis or comparative statistics.

The old-fashioned, time consuming method is to retype all the necessary pricing data into a new Excel spreadsheet first. It can be a very slow and tedious task when analyzing price lists of multiple suppliers, competitors and products.

Thankfully, thanks to the PDF conversion technology and PDF to Excel converters like Able2Extract, this tiresome, manual retyping of data can be forgotten.

Able2Extract PDF Converter enables you to transfer pricing data from PDF to fully formatted Excel spreadsheets for easy analysis. Better yet, Able2Extract not only allows you to convert PDF to spreadsheet format, but also to customize the tables before the actual conversion. That being said, using Able2Extract’s custom conversion panel, analysts can adjust their conversion output by adding or removing columns and rows, replotting tables, editing the headers and footers, and even more.

Able2Extract's PDF to Excel custom conversion panel

Good news for analysts who find themselves stuck with pricing lists in paper format is that they don’t need to retype data anymore either. They can scan their pricing lists to PDF and then utilize the powerful OCR technology used by Able2Extract PDF Converter Professional to pull out the information from scanned PDF into formatted Excel sheets and start analyzing in no time.

With Able2Extract you can easily manipulate the data to prepare your analysis or your pricing policy.

Save time on transferring data - spend more time analyzing it! Able2Extract family of PDF conversion solutions is here to empower you!