How Businesses Can Make Use of Scanned PDF Conversion

As soon as the Internet entered the global scene, digitizing paperwork in all business sectors, private and public, became a massive trend. Government agencies, corporations and entrepreneurs saw turning paper into its electronic counterpart not only as an opportunity to finally dispose of large volumes of hard-copy documentation that are taking up space, but also as a chance to tremendously enhance their business performance. The speed and efficiency with which it is possible to perform different tasks using the Internet allow for much higher work productivity, as compared to working in the pre-Internet era.

In the pool of helpful digitizing technology, Investintech’s Able2Extract Professional is a life-saver for businesses that are looking to reduce the load of paper they manage and turn them into digital files instead. The software has been serving lawyers, librarians, government officials, office assistants, teachers and students, bankers, healthcare practitioners and many others for over a decade now. With each new update and upgrade, Able2Extract Professional improves its conversion and OCR capabilities to better facilitate its users.

How Exactly Does Able2Extract Professional Work?

The technology behind scanned (image) PDF conversion is called Optical Character Recognition. It is used to recognize text in a scanned file and turn it into information that can be edited. Without a doubt, this technology is very difficult to develop, which is certainly backed by the fact that there is still no OCR tool that is 100% accurate. However, this technology is advancing and Able2Extract Professionals is among top conversion products that can achieve the highest level of accuracy possible today.

The best thing about Able2Extract is that, though OCR is very complicated to develop, it is the easiest thing to use with this software. Its simple, friendly interface and straightforward commands make scanned-to-PDF conversion a quick and effortless experience. Here’s how:

To start the conversion, users need to Open the scanned (image) PDF they want to convert to an editable format.

Open PDF icon

Once the scanned document opens in a new window, go to Edit and select OCR Options - Default in order to enable OCR capabilities.

OCR options in Able2Extract

Now choose whether you want to convert the whole document (Select All) or only some parts of it (Select Area). If you only want to convert a selection, use your mouse to pinpoint the exact area for conversion.

Select PDF content

Finally, click on the format you’d like to convert to.

PDF conversion options

How Different Businesses Use Able2Extract Professional

Law Firms

Old paper-based legal documents such as contracts, motions, briefs and similar, some of which might have a wealth of precedential value, can now be made use of once again with the Able2Extract Professional software. Lawyers, paralegals and other legal staff can simply scan those documents using a scanner and then save them as a PDF. Once in the PDF format, they can use Able2Extract Professional to quickly convert them into editable Word documents.

Accounting and Finance Organizations

Many accounting and finance organizations still have old financial statements, reports and data analysis only available in paper format. Should an accountant or banker ever need to perform a quantitative analysis on any of such data-rich documents, hand typing information into some advanced data analysis tool such as MS Excel would be very time-consuming. The best option would be to re-access those statements and reports by using the Excel conversion feature within Able2Extract Professional.

Academic Institutions

Professors, students and especially librarians are great beneficiaries of the OCR service. With volumes of hard-copy books, magazines, newspapers, research papers and other academic documentation, the academic institutions and its members are saving lots of time and resources by turning paper into electronic data and using the new technologies to advance educational practices.

Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare practitioners are scanning and converting medical records into editable electronic documents, so that they can quickly access crucial information about their patient’s history using the computer. This allows for much better organization and interconnectedness between health institutions, patients and their chosen doctors, and doctors and nurses. Able2Extract Professional can help move this load of scanned medical history into neat electronic medical records archive.

Moving to a Paperless Office

Scanners and PDF conversion software have become an indispensable part of almost every office today, contributing to the creation of a paperless office - a project that will both boost work productivity and contribute to a more sustainable environment. By using Able2Extract Professional, users can get rid of boxes of paper documentation that are lying around their offices and make them accessible electronically once again.