How to Create a Teacher Web Page

Teacher websites are a great resource, for both students and teachers. They provide a place for students to check assignment information and find more learning resources, like links and educational games relevant to the topics being covered in the classroom. Teachers benefit from knowing that homework assignments, along with any worksheets or instructions, can be easily accessed by students at any time. Teachers also benefit from having a place to set up resources for parents, maybe even including a blog. This article from Educational World explains the importance of teacher websites, and gives ideas for what they should include.

Before setting up a website, it is important to consider what will be on the site. Most teachers have a page listing assignments, a page of information about the classroom or course, and a page listing resources for student use. For ideas, browse other teacher websites, like the ones listed at With a little thought and imagination, though, your teacher website can be a fun place that students and parents enjoy visiting. Liberty Center School has a great website full of information and tips for designing a website, including some great ideas of what to include, like newsletters and individual student pages. Many teachers may find having a blog useful for keeping parents informed about classroom activities. Lorell’s WordPress Blog has a blog post all about blogging, and how to do it well. These tips are for general bloggers, but most also apply to teacher’s blogs. Another idea for the website is to have students set up their own blogs on your website.

The thought of setting up your website can be very intimidating. For teachers who want to set up a site the easiest way possible, there are many companies that will set up, and host, your site for an annual fee. Teacher Web is one of the best sites for this, with a lot of available features. For a more customizable website, building your own teacher website may be your best option. HTML coding is not difficult to do once you understand how it works. W3 Schools is a great website to visit when trying to learn html coding. The HTML Goodies page is another great resource. A technology or computer teacher at school may be able to help you put everything together, or answer any questions you may have.

Bright, fun graphics on teacher websites are one of the most effective ways to get and keep a student’s attention. Teacher Julie Hicks features a list of graphic sites for teachers on her website. For more clipart, check out the Free Clipart Pictures site. These pictures are sorted by category, and easy to use.

Games on teacher websites are a wonderful way to encourage students to learn while having fun. Having links to games, or even offering games on the website, can provide a great tool for both teachers and students. Fun Brain has a lot of games on their site for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. If you want to place games right on your website, check MiniClip. They offer a lot of educational games for younger students, along with the code to use for placing them on your site.

Many schools have a web page set up, and may even have an area for teachers’ pages. If this is not an option, there are a lot of websites that will host a website for free. After your page is set up, check your work. Make sure all of the links and games work, and that everything flows well. Update regularly, and encourage lots of student participation. A web page that engages students can be a terrific educational tool for your classroom.