Learning HTML

Whether you are a computer whiz or you are just learning the ways of the internet, HTML can be confusing for all. Learning the language of the World Wide Web can be time consuming and stressful at times. Below are a list of resources, tips, and guidelines to follow when learning both the basics and nitty-gritty of HTML.

World Wide Web Consortium - This organization is the website that sets standards, guidelines, and makes software to make the Internet the place that it is. All technical aspects of HTML and website design are originated here. For official answers, this is the website to check.

Beginning HTML - This website breaks down HTML step by step. From learning the basic format of HTML to inserting email links, you get a great beginners course.

Starting HTML - Another great break down of HTML by steps. Starting with an introduction and working up to manipulating images, this website is the place to start if you know nothing about HTML.

HTML Tutorial - Not only does this website offer tutorials on just about every HTML aspect, but it also has a user community to help answer questions. Sign up and participate in the forums to answer those tough HTML questions.

HTML Help - This website is great because it not only has great HTML help, but it also offers a trouble-shooting and common problems section.

HTML Tutorials - There are endless tutorials on this website. Whatever HTML topic you need help with, you will most likely find an answer, and tutorial, on this website.

HTML Basics - Explore what HTML is and how a web page works, in addition to basic HTML code.

HTML Quick Guide - Keep this reference sheet handy. It offers a great reference to simple HTML coding.

HTML Advanced - While this University has published a few simple tips for HTML beginners, there are more advanced options on this website including working with images and HTML forms.

Special Codes in HTML - Do you need to insert a special character into your HTML? This reference web page has a great how-to for all of those difficult characters.

Basic HTML - The University calls this the "sliver off the tip of the iceberg." While learning HTML can be extensive, this website touches on the most basic topics.

What is HTML? - Not sure what HTML is? Get a great definition and history of HTML, in addition to basic coding lessons.

Beginner's HTML - This is the perfect starting point for those interested in getting a HTML tutorial.

Reference for Basic HTML - Keep this reference website handy. It covers the basics in HTML coding with as little frills as possible.

HTML Help Center - This website offers tips and tricks for perfecting your HTML coding. The best part about this website is that it not only explains the HTML process, but offers visuals to make sure you understand the lesson correctly.

HTML Goodies - This website offers plug-ins and add-ons to help ensure your HTML coding is perfect.

HTML 101 - This website offers tons of different HTML help topics. From help with image text and borders to the basic font size, this website explains it all.

Interactive HTML Tutorial - This interactive tutorial is broken down into chapters. It's very thorough and helpful...and best of all, free.

HTML Effects - Get a little advanced with your HTML coding. This website offers neat tips and tricks to add effects and design to your basic HTML codes.

HTML Reference Guide - This website is very community based. Offering an editor's blog, community forum, and tons of HTML articles, this is a great website to check for hard to answer questions. It's updated often, so make sure to bookmark this page.