Japanese Fonts

The Japanese language is quite complex with multiple alphabets. Most computers sold in the United States do not come equipped with programs that allow you to type or read Japanese fonts. You will need to get an additional program or download an application that allows you to use or otherwise understand all the different Japanese alphabets. With the right tools you can write, comprehend, and even edit these fonts.

Microsoft currently offers a Global Input Method Editor (IME) that you can install on your computer for just about any language. This program provides an icon that is on your task bar for easy usage. The different Japanese fonts are included.

Most modern Internet browsers support Japanese script and font. If you are currently using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer it too offers Japanese language support. From the toolbar choose “view”, then “encoding”. You will be given a list of languages to use. You can pick from many different types of languages.

Here is a list of programs that you can put on your computer for understanding and using different Japanese fonts:

Macintosh computers users can download the Multiple Language option with Mac OS version 8.5 or above. (Check with your computer’s manufacturing company for specific information regarding your personal computer options.) Instructions for displaying, entering, and printing Japanese fonts are available from "Computing in Japanese on Macintosh Computers".

Furthermore, you will need to set your keyboard up for typing in the different Japanese fonts. This option can be found in the “keyboard” section of the computer operating system. While completing this setup process your personal computer should also prompt you to download the correct fonts for either Macintosh or Windows.