Free Mouse Exercises

When you first begin to learn how to use a computer, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to use the mouse for precise movements. However, with a little practice and some fun mouse exercises, you’ll soon get the hang of it! The ability to use a mouse correctly is useful for many things. Navigating online, creating digital art and playing games are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do better when you improve your control of the mouse. Check out some of the fun exercises and tutorials below to get started!

Beginners' Mouserobics

Run through a series of easy mouse exercises and see how quickly you improve with each page!

A Mouse Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

Print off this worksheet and fill it out as you complete the online scavenger hunt.


Minimouse makes learning how to use the mouse fun with games similar to Angry Birds to help kids master basic eye-mouse-hand coordination skills.

Clean Up the Classroom

Practice single clicks, double clicks and dragging with a mouse by playing a game where you have to clean up a very messy classroom!

All About The Mouse

Learn all about the mouse and how to use it to do different tasks on your computer. The exercises in this tutorial will help to gradually improve your mousing skills too.

Different Mouse Activities

Find out how to click, drag and even draw pictures with a mouse, with four different online activities.

Skillful Senior

Aimed at improving seniors’ skill using the mouse. Choose from a few the categories to get started: highlighting, double-clicking, drag & drop and more.

Playtime with Baby Rose

Keep Baby Rose entertained by moving and clicking with your mouse around the screen. Her eyes will follow you!

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

From kids to adults, anyone can enjoy putting together these online jigsaw puzzles and exercise their mouse control at the same time.

Drawing with a Mouse

Watch this video tutorial on how to draw with a mouse. Even if you are not a born digital artist, drawing is an excellent exercise for honing your mouse skills.

Mouse Matching Games

Match the colors from one column to the next by simply clicking and dragging them to the correct squares.


With the help of Mr. Squirrel, you can practice the basics to perfect your mouse skills. Left click, double click and drag Mr. Squirrel around the screen to get yourself comfortable with using a mouse.

Practice Mousing Around

Go through a step-by-step series of mouse practice activities and learn more at each new level.

How to Use a Mouse Tutorial

If you’re not a mouse pro yet, try this tutorial to find out all about what a mouse can do and how to use it.

Pepper’s Only Pizza

This mouse game is aimed at improving kids' mouse skills by having them craft special order pizzas, clicking and dragging the ingredients into place.

A Mousey Jigsaw Puzzle

Practice dragging and dropping the jigsaw puzzle pieces into the correct spots. When you’ve fully completed it, you can watch a song and video about a little boy who learned how to use his mouse!

Koalas To The Max

Create pointillism-like art by controlling and keeping your mouse hand steady. Every circle you rollover splits and multiplies into smaller ones, letting you form images from dots and circles.

100 Snowballs

Kids can build anything they can imagine with 100 snowballs. Move and stack 100 snowballs by clicking, dragging, and strategically placing them around the designated area.

This is Sand

Strengthen your mouse skills and train your hand muscles by creating sand art with coloured sand that falls from your mouse cursor.

Match the Mice

Practice your clicking skills and see if you can match all the pairs of identical mice.

Mouse Tutorial

A mouse tutorial for beginners that has you learning and applying new-found skills to common tasks like dragging and dropping files into folders.

Planting Flowers

Click anywhere on the screen to create a beautiful flower garden!

Sheep Dash

This game will help you with click speed and reaction time by seeing how fast you can shoot down the sheep that dash across the screen.

Fifi Flying Flower Petals

Use your mouse to move Fifi and collect fruit by clicking on the correct items.

Make an Ice Cream Sundae

Practice single clicking by choosing the right buttons to create the perfect sundae!

Music Catch 2

A game that tests and focuses on improving your mouse accuracy when dragging the mouse to catch objects as they float across the screen to music.

Mousey Fireworks

Click in the black area to create magnificent fireworks!

Strengthen Your Dragging Skills

Drag the red square around without getting hit by the floating blue squares. See how long you can last while improving your mouse dragging skills.

Mouse Splat

Can you hit the right mice as they pop up? Mouse Splat is the perfect game for kids to work on their clicking accuracy, movement speed, and timing.


Win this addictive game by carefully matching up and accurately shooting down groups of like-coloured bubbles with your mouse. You won’t feel like you’re working on your mouse skills!