Free Mouse Exercises

When you first begin to learn how to use a computer, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to use the mouse for precise movements. However, with a little practice and some fun mouse exercises, you’ll soon get the hang of it! The ability to use a mouse correctly is useful for many things. Navigating online, creating digital art and playing games are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do better when you improve your control of the mouse. Check out some of the fun exercises and tutorials below to get started!

Beginners' Mouserobics

Run through a series of easy mouse exercises and see how quickly you improve with each page!

A Mouse Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

Print off this worksheet and fill it out as you complete the online scavenger hunt.

Mousing Around Game

Teach Sam the Alien how to use the computer and mouse to read a story.

Clean Up the Classroom

Practice single clicks, double clicks and dragging with a mouse by playing a game where you have to clean up a very messy classroom!

All About The Mouse

Learn all about the mouse and how to use it to do different tasks on your computer. The exercises in this tutorial will help to gradually improve your mousing skills too.

Different Mouse Activities

Find out how to click, drag and even draw pictures with a mouse, with four different online activities.

Help Build a Cottage!

A beautiful little cottage is in pieces but you can help to rebuild it by dragging the parts to the correct positions.

Playtime with Baby Rose

Keep Baby Rose entertained by moving and clicking with your mouse around the screen. Her eyes will follow you!

What Can You Do With a Mouse?

Try some of these easy activities to learn how to click, drag and interact with online buttons, scroll bars and more.

Mouse Basics

Watch a presenter talk about how to use a mouse and then try some of the exercises to follow along.

Mouse Matching Games

Match the colors from one column to the next by simply clicking and dragging them to the correct squares.

Become a MouseMaster!

Practice pointing, clicking, dragging and scrolling with some easy games. You can advance to the next step whenever you’re ready and then try a quiz at the end to see how well you did.

Practice Mousing Around

Go through a step-by-step series of mouse practice activities and learn more at each new level.

How to Use a Mouse Tutorial

If you’re not a mouse pro yet, try this tutorial to find out all about what a mouse can do and how to use it.

Help Arthur!

Everyone’s favorite aardvark, Arthur, needs a little help getting ready for school in the morning. Can you help out by moving your mouse and clicking to find the things he needs?

A Mousey Jigsaw Puzzle

Practice dragging and dropping the jigsaw puzzle pieces into the correct spots. When you’ve fully completed it, you can watch a song and video about a little boy who learned how to use his mouse!

A Mouse Tutorial for Beginners

Start from scratch with an easy mouse tutorial that will take you through all the steps of using a mouse, including single clicks, double clicks and much more.

What Should I Click On?

Learn when and where you should click on areas of websites, such as links, buttons, and pictures.

Fun with Pinwheels

Click or double click on the pinwheels to make them spin. How fast can you make them go?

Match the Mice

Practice your clicking skills and see if you can match all the pairs of identical mice.

An Interactive Mouse Tutorial

Explore all the ways to use a mouse by following an easy tutorial that includes a video and simple interactive exercises.

Planting Flowers

Click anywhere on the screen to create a beautiful flower garden!

Learn All About the Mouse (PDF)

Review what a mouse is, what it does, and how the pointer changes to different icons.

Fifi Flying Flower Petals

Use your mouse to move Fifi and collect fruit by clicking on the correct items.

Make an Ice Cream Sundae

Practice single clicking by choosing the right buttons to create the perfect sundae!

Enter the Boohbah Zone

You never know what happens next in the crazy, colorful Boohbah when you click or double click in different spots!

Mousey Fireworks

Click in the black area to create magnificent fireworks!

Plenty of Mouse Practice Games

Try out a bunch of cool games featuring puzzles, animals and funny characters to improve your mouse skills.

Popping Balloons

Click on each balloon to burst them before they fly too high.

Make the Horses Sing

Meet a bunch of very special horses who sing when you click on them!