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Open Clipart is a tool that can be helpful for all kinds of projects. Whether it is a simple birthday card or a serious business presentation, clip art can add grace and style to just about any medium. Kids can use clip art for their research projects or homework. It adds a new dimension to anything on paper, because it adds graphics and color. It can also help to illustrate a point better by adding a picture to a report. Businesses can use clip art as well in their newsletters, business cards, presentations, and letters. The art gives the business material a more personalized look and shows some initiative.

Adding graphics helps to garner interest, and makes people more apt to read through a document or pay better attention in a presentation. Teachers can use clip art for their classroom material and for art projects. These free graphics are a wonderful way to give life to an otherwise ordinary lesson. Clip art makes wonderful additions to homemade calendars, arts and crafts, birthday or Christmas cards, and other hand made projects. It can also spice up a website and give it extra depth and character. It is important to be sure the clip art used is free and legal, so that there are no issues with an image's copyright. Most websites that offer clip art have royal free images that can be used without penalty.

There are literally hundreds of categories of clip art. Everything imaginable can be found, like Halloween witches and spiders, cute animals, sports logos, or business-related icons such as computers or telephones. There are so many different types of clip art, like animated pictures, glittery pictures, and of course, the traditional type of clip art, which consists of a regular picture. Most clip art is drawn or animated and is not an actual photograph, although there is some clip art that uses photos, particularly for web pages. No matter the use, clip art is an excellent way to incorporate some life and personality into a project, classroom, or other endeavor.

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